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About Us

We are an independent & friendly private dental practice based in the heart of Wilmslow town. With over 25 years of experience our well established and close team has been providing a warm and friendly environment while achieving excellent results for our patients for many years. We are dedicated to continually updating our techniques, materials, and equipment as well as developing our skills to push the boundaries of excellence within dentistry. As a team we thrive on experiencing first hand the excitement and satisfaction or simply pain relief that can be achieved through the success of our work.

Our clear goals include
– optimal aesthetic outcomes
– lasting stability
– minimally invasive techniques
– preventative approach

We have a regular dental team of three dentists, with additional specialist dental surgeons attending on an occasional basis. The Practice has three hygienists providing daily availability for their services.
Our team provides a full range of general and specialist dental treatments to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a cosmetic makeover, restorative care, or simply family dental care for regular check-ups, our practice team of professionals has a depth of knowledge and experience to cater for your needs.

While primarily an independent private practice, we additionally maintain a limited NHS contract arrangement contributing to the provision of family dentistry for the children of our regular patients.

Why Us

Evolving from a traditional family dental practice, close to the centre of Wilmslow, Cheshire over 20 years ago, our ultra modern surgeries and principles of quality, longevity and care have underpinned our practice philosophy throughout our established period. We have delivered on these principles over the years through the use of various operational methods including tooth preservation, minimally invasive techniques and enjoying the highest professional standards.

We have a long-term history of delivering cutting edge private dental care. Our methods, materials and equipment always evolving to refine quality and predictability, allowing us to deliver cosmetic excellence and lasting success. This continual evolution of materials and techniques not only delivers delightful aesthetics but also creates restorations with greater strength, stability and longevity while reducing invasiveness and risk.

All of this service is carried out with you at the centre of focus, providing the highest quality dental care, while in a relaxed and friendly environment to ensure you enjoy every aspect of your treatment experience.

Our excellent hygiene therapy team extend the success of our work by supporting patient oral health and boosting the long-term success of other treatments.


Committed to providing our patients with the highest level of care;
tailoring our guidance and treatment to your personal wants and needs.

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Make your smile, valuable in so many ways, stand the test of time

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