Family Dentistry

At Holmfield, we offer a full range of family dental care. We welcome family attendance for regular Check-Ups

There is clear evidence of the benefits to dental health of regular attendance. Routine six-monthly attendance allows us to develop preventative care and advice with a comprehensive oral health check!

Catering to each individual personally, our experienced team will put your family members at ease in a relaxed and professional environment, providing help with all aspects of oral health. We will routinely provide proven modern, gentle and preventative treatments for children at each visit and provide a full range of general dental care for all of your family.

We are a private dental practice, utilising our NHS contract for the care provision of our younger patients. We offer Denplan schemes if a regular payment plan is prefered.



Holmfield  is a child friendly practice, allowing young children to gain confidence, comfort and familiarity in the dental professional care environment – an unexpected dental trauma will benefit from immediate care with a confident child! Regular check-ups for children are extremely important, so that any problems can be identified before the solutions become overly complicated. We strive to prevent difficult and uncomfortable scenarios for all – mums, dads and dentists prefer things to be simple and predictable in the dental practice! Furthermore, zero fillings are an ever-more frequent and realistic expectation.


Typical Children’s Services provided:

  • Examination and screening.
  • Oral hygiene instruction and dietary advice
  • Fissure Sealants.
  • Topical fluoride application.
  • Orthodontic assessment.
  • Sports Gum shields
  • Restorative care.
  • Emergency and Trauma care.


As a private dental practice we are funded predominately by fees for our services to patients. We maintain a small contract with the NHS for the provision of services to the youngsters of our regular adult patients. We normally extend this arrangement until completion of full time education. Our NHS care is not exclusively limited to the under 18’s. Where there are alternatives treatments choices these will be offered and discussed.

Annabel Fox

My mother took us to see the dentist twice a year and I do the same for my children. I just want them to have good teeth. It’s really important to me!

Dentist Tip

Regular dental hygiene care will extend the working life of your restorative dentistry.