Preventive Dentistry

At Holmfield, we embrace the Prevention ethos as a fundamental to modern dental care. Prevention is not just part of children’ s dentistry, it is a life long habit. Our care will help to reduce your future treatment needs; we will help you to keep your precious natural tooth substance longer., letting you love your smile and bite with confidence.


Where treatment is needed, our care will not lose sight of the length of service we all desire from our teeth – treatment is focused on minimising risks and maintaining your tooth structure. We support failing teeth with the best of the ever evolving bonding techniques utilising advanced composite and ceramic materials. The latest methods allow us to support teeth which would up until recently have required far more invasive techniques. This allows Holmfield to deliver results with greater ease, less time in the chair, less discomfort, less expense and greater longevity.


Our extensive experience with the top materials and techniques enables us to provide delightful aesthetic results with very minimal interventions or discomfort. In this world of increasing enthusiasm for smile “makeover’s”; our skill is “less is more”, achieving wonderful results whilst helping patients keep their own teeth and tooth substance.

Louise Downey

I just want my teeth to stay healthy. I would be so upset if anything went wrong with them!

Dentist Tip

Regular dental hygiene care will extend the working life of your restorative dentistry.